About Me

I grew up in a little town called Mölle in the north west of Skåne, Sweden. Already as a young kid I began to sketch and paint. Back then I preferred to sketch faces and landscapes as well as painting with warm intensive colors. I really enjoyed the creative process and the final result. I was continuously encouraged to keep on painting by family, friends and school teachers.

In the year 2010, I was determined to find my own artistical expression. The dream was to someday have my own art exhibition. I navigated through Google to find some inspiration and found Henri Rousseau’s amazing jungle paintings. I thought: ”This is what I want to paint”. 

The first time I had the opportunity to display my paintings in public was at the Kommune Hospitalet in Aarhus (2012) where 15 of my paintings were shown (jungle and abstracts). The following three years I didn’t produce anything new. However, in July 2016 I co-joined with Bertil Berg at the ”Galleri Möllegården” in Mölle. This exhibition was very successful. A lot of people came to view our respective works. I was overjoyed that people felt inspired by my paintings and that they even were willing to pay for them. This gave me the confidence to continue painting and plan for my next exhibition. The following summer (2017) I exhibited solo for the first time at ”Galleri Möllegården”.  

When I don’t paint I work as a Medical physicist at Aarhus University Hospital. During the weekends, when I feel inspired and motivated I fetch my coffee, music and brushes and start painting.