Gallery Mölle Stationshus, Mölle, Sweden, 13-19th July

I performed solo at this exhibition with 14 paintings, jungle and abstract. This was a special exhibition for me, personally, since I have as a kid dreamt of someday to be able to present my very own art at this location.


Betty’s Room, Aarhus, Denmark, Sep-Nov

During a two month period I displayed 4 jungle paintings in the gorgeous shop “Betty’s Room”.


Gallery Möllegården, Mölle, Sweden, 15-21th July

I exhibited solo for the first time during this gallery week. I showed 15 paintings in total, jungle and abstracts. Many people came to see the paintings and by the end of the week, almost all of them had been sold.


Gallery Möllegården, Mölle, Sweden, 16-22th July

This was the first time I exhibited my paintings in a gallery together with painter Bertil Berg. During this week a lot of people came to view, discuss, praise and buy our respective works. This exhibition was very successful for both of us.


Ambulatoriet, Kommune Hospitalet, Nørrebrogade, Denmark, Sep-Oct

This was the first time I had the opportunity to display my jungle and abstract art work in public. I sold one abstract painting during this two month period.